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The body language of cats

The body language of cats is much more complex than some tutors realize. We should not only look at a particular posture or body signal, but a combination of all of these elements. Only then can we really understand what a cat wants to convey to us.

Also, we should not try to compare the body language of this species with another, because unlike dogs, cats usually inhibit certain emotions in a remarkable way. For example, it is much more difficult to know when a cat is sick compared to dogs. Also, the body signs of the two species are very different. Thus, the body language of the kitten or cat must be studied carefully to understand the emotions of our pet.

In this article of , we will talk about the body language of cats, explain the meaning of the most common postures, the main characteristics of their mood and much more… Do you want to discover the postures and body language of the kitten or cats in general? Don’t waste your time and continue reading our article!

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