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Stray Kitten does her best for her disabled baby

The incredible kitten surprised thousands of Internet users on YouTube with her maternal love. Her little calf has hind leg paralysis and the cat kept defending her from some people who came to her rescue.

The tender footage moved thousands of YouTube users with the devoted love of a feline mother for her son who has paralyzed hind legs. The video went viral on social media for its shocking content.

The feline, along with his little baby, lives on the roof of a building and thanks to the support of neighbors, they have food and water. However, the residents were very concerned about the delicate situation of the little kitten, as it can not walk and the large number of flies in the premises worsen its health.

A video recorded and shared on YouTube shows the precise moment when the group of rescuers comes to their rescue, but the mother prevents the “strangers” from taking her son out of his shelter.

However, the rescuers devised a plan to distract the cat and get the kitten out. They put food in a cage and after getting the hook, they locked him in and managed to take him away for medical treatment. Both kittens (mother and son) are already in the hands of specialists who will provide the respective care.

The story of the loving mother has moved thousands of users who, two days after the publication of the clip, recorded more than 300,000 views on YouTube.

“thank god they found the mother and the kitten. The baby would never have survived. Thank you to everyone involved in this rescue”, “I pray they have a home, that they are always together and give them lots of love and care”, “This story made me cry”, were some of the comments from YouTube users .

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