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Skin cancer in cats – Symptoms and treatment

It is common for people who share their lives with a cat to be concerned and alarmed when they discover a lump on a part of their cat’s body. Some people don’t pay too much attention to them, fearing that it is a tumor on the cat’s skin, but the truth is that not all lumps are synonymous with cancer and, in any case, they can be curable, which is why it is important to have them examined and treated as soon as possible.

In this article , we’ll talk about skin cancer in cats and explain why you should go to the vet if you notice an abnormality in your cat’s skin.

Types of tumors in cats

The discovery of lumps or bumps in your cat is a cause for concern for any guardian. Not all lumps that can be felt are tumors, but can also be abscesses or swollen lymph nodes. But they all need to be examined by a veterinarian, just to get a diagnosis. By studying the cells present in the mass, it is possible to know with certainty what it is. This cytology examination can also determine whether the cancerous tumor in the cat’s skin is benign or malignant in nature. The cells can be removed by puncture with a fine needle or the lump can be removed and a sample sent to the laboratory.

White cats and cats over eight years of age are most likely to develop skin cancer. For example, cat carcinoma on the nose or ears is more common in white cats. This is called squamous cell carcinoma and is caused by sunlight, to which this type of cat is particularly vulnerable, and is the most common type of skin cancer in cats.

Moreover, skin tumors in cats are not the only ones that can appear, so they can also suffer from other types of cancer such as lymphoma or mammary carcinoma.

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