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protect your dog from these diseases

When it comes to caring for your furry friend, proper nutrition is key. Not only does a healthy diet for dogs and cats keep them in great shape, it also contributes to their happiness and quality of life.

It is a common misconception that a “malnourished” dog or cat is simply not getting enough food. It may have been neglected, or it may be a stray that is scavenging for food. While this is generally a correct representation of a malnourished animal, it can also happen to pets that appear perfectly healthy.

Malnutrition” can occur when pets’ bodies lack an essential nutrient, but it doesn’t mean that they are unloved or neglected: they just need a better balanced diet. In fact, even overweight or obese pets can be malnourished if their diet lacks certain vitamins or minerals (and they eat too much fat and sugar).

Over time, nutrient deficiencies can lead to certain conditions or diseases. In addition, food sensitivities or allergies can cause unpleasant and unpleasant problems. And while it’s impossible to avoid all health problems (sometimes they just fall into your lap!), it’s important for pet owners to learn how diets can affect the health of their pets and how nutrition can be used to manage or even prevent disease.

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