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My dog is losing his teeth, what should I do?

Is your dog losing teeth? You should know that this process can be quite normal. In fact, a puppy loses its milk teeth around the age of 4 months. On the other hand, tooth loss in your adult dog is a sign of dental disease with serious and irreversible consequences. Find out what causes tooth loss in dogs, what the symptoms are and what you can do to prevent oral problems in your pet.

What causes tooth loss in adult dogs?

Tooth loss in dogs is one of the most serious symptoms of oral disease. It is the result of poor oral hygiene. Indeed, a dental plaque gradually settles on your dog’s teeth when he eats. If you brush your pet’s teeth regularly, the plaque is quickly removed. If you don’t, it becomes a place for bacteria to grow. It becomes mineralized and becomes what is called tartar. Tartar can then be the cause of many oral infections.

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