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Letter carrier saves elderly dog that was about to die

Nate left the animal at the clinic, where it underwent a battery of tests, and then Nate returned to work, as he still had a big day of work ahead of him.

“I went back to work, but he wouldn’t leave my mind. I kept wondering if he was going to get better, if they were taking good care of him,” says the mailman.

At the end of his shift, Nate received a call from the clinic. The news was good, Sloan wasn’t sick, he just needed a proper diet to improve his weight.

When he arrived at the shelter, volunteers were heartbroken by the puppy’s condition. “He was very skinny and had sores all over his body, he could barely stand or walk on his own for a long time,” said Tori Fugate, director of the NGO KC Pet Project.

Within weeks of being taken in, he began to eat more regularly. His weight was gradually returning to ideal and the medication was helping his wounds to heal, he was also regaining healthy hair and muscles.

Sloan was temporarily adopted by a family about a month after his foster placement, he completed his healing process at home.

The most amazing thing is that the NGO invited Postman Nate to adopt Sloan permanently, he did not hesitate and agreed to take care of the puppy.

The mailman was very excited because he finally got to adopt Sloan, and meeting the two after months of recovery was wonderful!

The dog first recognized the mailman and couldn’t contain the emotion, they were licked here, hit there and joy everywhere!

“Sloan is a senior dog, I believe he belonged to a family,” he commented. “His manners and attitude are the biggest proof of that. Someone did something inhumane. I want to be as humane as possible for him.”

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