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Letter carrier saves elderly dog that was about to die

Mailman Nate Ohlman was going about another day’s work on a harsh winter morning, as usual, when he was surprised by a puppy dying of cold.

He was delivering mail in a neighborhood in Missouri (USA), when suddenly something caught his eye, he saw an elderly dog freezing to death on a sidewalk.

There, the temperature rarely exceeds 10°C, so we can imagine how the Missouri winter punished the poor little dog.

The situation stirred the heart of the letter carrier who decided to intervene in the sad fate of the animal, without thinking twice he took the puppy from the street and took him to a warmer place, as quickly as possible. Nate tried to get the dog’s attention by making noises and realized that he couldn’t hear much, that he was practically deaf.

“I made several noises to get his attention, but he didn’t hear me. I walked over and motioned for him to come to me, and we got into my mail truck.

“He was totally exhausted, hungry and cold,” Nate says.

In the truck itself, the old dog had a name, Nate called him Sloan. He noticed the animal was very tired and skinny.

He fed him, then took him to the vet to check on Sloan’s actual health.

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