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A heroic dog saves his young owner’s life by protecting him from a rattlesnake

Alex says he “freaked out” and was bracing himself for a serious snake bite… until Marley came to the rescue.

“But before I could even turn around, Marley came between us,” Alex recalls, “Marley practically pushed me out of the way. He barked several times at the snake.”

Unfortunately, Marley’s bravery meant putting himself in danger, and the snake bit him twice, on the tongue and neck. Alex quickly reacted as he did, rushing to save his dog’s life from the venom.
“There was blood everywhere and Marley collapsed to the ground screaming in pain,” Alex writes, “I panicked and took him to the nearest vet, which was five miles away.”

“I was scared and tried to keep my cool and think quickly because the weather was not in our favor.”

Marley was taken to a pet hospital 25 miles away and given two venom shots. He had to stay in the hospital for several days, and veterinarians feared they would have to amputate his tongue.

Fortunately, Marley survived without any ill effects and has since been released from the hospital, to be reunited with his very grateful owner.

“If Marley hadn’t been there, I would have been bitten, and it would have been very serious,” Alex told KGTV. “Marley is a hero. He’s my best friend. I don’t know what I would do without him.

Marley’s surgeries cost Alex a significant amount of money, but he was happy to pay it to save his best friend’s life. Luckily, the costs were recouped through GoFundMe donations. The fundraising page exceeded its goal of $8,000.

Marley is a true hero. It just goes to show how loyal and protective dogs can be to their owners. We’re so glad he’s okay now!

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